Monday, April 06, 2009

MIAC Director Demoted

The Missouri State Highway Patrol has named a new director of the Missouri Information Analysis Center, twelve days after the it scrapped a controversial report which inflamed conservatives.
Lt. David Hall will replace Van Godsey as the center's new director, the Patrol announced Monday. Van Godsey was reassigned to another division.

The report outraged conservatives for its references to anti-abortionists, anti-immigration advocates and supporters of third party candidates as potential terrorist threats.

"I am confident Lt. Hall has the experience and expertise necessary to oversee the functions of the Missouri Information Analysis Center," said Colonel James Keathley in a statement.


gumshoe said...

I don't believe this study should have ever been conducted, nor should the political profiling be implemented.

However, I want to hear about the research and I want to know why you haven't reported on HOW they came to their conclusions?

What evidence brought MIAC to the conclusion that militia members are commonly associated with fundamental Christian, anti-abortion and anti-immigration movements.

Is there similar evidence found among pro-choice and pro-immigration movements?

Lewis said...

What department was Van Godsey transfered to? Was it a true demotion or a latteral move just for appearances? Why wasn't he fired completely for what he did? He deserved it.

Maybe you people could actually do some investigative reporting once in a while, instead of just passing on whatever propaganda is spoon fed to you?