Thursday, April 30, 2009

LeVota Pops Off About Rules

House Minority Leader Paul LeVota goes after the Republicans for introducing an amendment during the stimulus funding debate without accompanying it with a decreasing amendment.
Republican Budget Chair Allen Icet said the move to add funding without subtracting it was permissible, because the House was dealing with federal stimulus dollars -- NOT state general revenue.
But LeVota popped off about the entire budget process, complaining that the spending bill never went through the Budget Committee and calling the appropriations process "a circus."
"I find it objectionable that people would use the rules at their own discretion and not be consistent about it," LeVota said.
When LeVota gets gaveled by Republican Speaker Pro Tem Bryan Pratt to stay on subject, LeVota responds with biting sarcasm: "Thank you Mr. Speaker for allowing me to speak because I'm a state representative elected by 35,000 people . . ."
A plan to spend $336 million of federal stimulus money on various projects across the state was defeated in the Missouri House Thursday.

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