Thursday, April 09, 2009

Helms Considering Congressional Run

Greene County Circuit Clerk Steve Helms said he's considering a U.S. Congressional run for Roy Blunt's 7th District seat in 2010 because none of the other candidates get him excited.
"I would imagine every Republican officeholder, it's crossed their mind: What about me?," Helms said in an interview Thursday. "I'm just not really seeing, in the current field, the type of candidate I'd like to see represent Southwest Missouri. I think Southwest Missouri is very conservative," Helms said.
He said that not all of the candidates are conservative "in all areas," adding "I'm not saying I would fit the bill." "President Obama is making us a very socialistic nation, and I'm just very concerned," Helms said, citing Newt Gingrich's leadership numerous times during our conversation.
"I don't see anyone that gets me excited. I go down the list and see that it would probably be politics as usual," Helms said.
Helms said he has spoken with announced candidates Sen. Jack Goodman and Billy Long as well as likely candidate Kevin Elmer, who is a Nixa alderman.
"I'm interested in Hal Donaldson's candidacy, but I'm going to give it some time to see how it shakes out."
Asked when he'll decide, Helms replied: "I would think I would make a decision sooner rather than later. Time is not on my side. I'd have a lot of groundwork to do. Money is not my forte. It would take a lot of small donations."
Helms' decision does involve political risk. He faces re-election in 2010 in his current role as Circuit Clerk. "I've really enjoyed it and believe we're making good progress, but I never swore I'd stay forever."


Kris said...

C'mon Dave, April Fools was last week.

Tina said...

What an opportunist.

Isn't this like the third office he has run for?

Busplunge said...

Well, like he said, "I've really enjoyed it and believe we're making good progress, but I never swore I'd stay forever."

I wish he would said something about this last November.

Tina said...

Exactly Bus.
Who cares what Helms thinks. I am tired of his better than though attitude.
Lampe handed his head to him so I dont think he is the guy repubs can put up and hope for a win anway.