Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Faith Group Launches Pro-Stimulus Ad Blitz

A left-leaning Catholic organization is launching an ad on Missouri Christian radio to thank Sen. Claire McCaskill for supporting the 2010 budget.
The Wall Street Journal reports that Catholics United is spending $40,000 to run the ad, titled "Thank You for a Moral Budget." More than one-thousand spots will run nationwide thanking Democratic Senators in Louisiana, Arkansas, North Dakota, Virginia and Missouri.
"Today, people of faith across Missouri give thanks to Senator McCaskill for supporting the economic recovery plan in next year’s budget . . . This leadership is needed today more than ever," reads the ad.
Republicans call Catholics United "a political front group that hides behind Catholicism to advance a left wing agenda."


James said...

Thanks for the post. FYI This ad is supporting the 2010 fiscal budget. The stimulus/economic recovery package passed in February.

David Catanese said...

Thanks James.

I've fixed the error.