Monday, April 13, 2009

Elmer Pledges To Term Limit Himself

Nixa alderman Kevin Elmer, who has said he'll likely launch a bid for the 7th Congressional District seat in 2010, is taking a pledge to only serve five terms if elected.
Elmer spoke before College Republicans at Missouri State University Monday night.
Stressing he's still in the exploratory phase of a campaign, Elmer said he would only serve five terms if elected to Congress. He said he would work towards instituting "The Fair Tax," never vote for a pay raise for himself and keep his family in Nixa during the length of his service.
Elmer said he has not yet decided on whether he would work to bring back earmarks to the district.
ALSO: Elmer Accuses White House of Socialism
Quotes American Socialist Norman Thomas . . . "He said, the American people will not vote for socialism, he said, but if you call it liberalism, they'll vote for every piece of it. You think about that for a second, I think that's been going on for the last few years. That's what we've got going on with the Obama White House right now."
"Our way of life is in jeopardy," Elmer went on. "Socialism is what we're talking about. And the Democrats will try to sweep it aside as if it's secondary or something . . . like it's not really happening . . ."
Elmer has said he won't make an official decision on a Congressional run until May, at the earliest.

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