Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bond: Obama Flip-Flopping on Terror Techniques

Senator Kit Bond is criticizing contradictory messages out of the Obama administration about whether intelligence officers could be subject to prosecution for using harsh interrogation tactics deemed by some as torture.
Bond said the president has found himself caught between "rhetoric and reality."
"That’s the only explanation for the President’s recent flip-flops on the treatment of our terror fighters," Bond blasted in a statement Wednesday.
The President came down against a 9-11 style investigation into interrogation tactics, according to the Washington Post. But Secretary of State Clinton has suggested a commission might be appropriate.
"The President can’t go to the CIA with reassurances one day and then the next day, turn around and leave the door open to prosecutions," said Bond. “Our terror fighters need to know whether the President has their back or will stab them in the back.”
Bond said the mixed signals have lead to a "lack of strategy" by the Obama administration on national security issues.

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