Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 11: Nixon's Grade


When Governor Jay Nixon was first asked about the Missouri Information Analysis Center "modern militia" report on March 20th, the Attorney General didn't blink -- defending it as a necessary tool to analyze threat levels. Six days later, after mounting pressure from citizens and lawmakers coupled with a flurry of media reports, the report had been scrapped and blame was heaped upon Matt Blunt. The administration's reaction to the 8-page document that labeled anti-abortionists, anti-immigration advocates and third party candidates as potential threats began with defiance and ended with passing the buck. Predictably, some Republicans waved their outrage flags in attempt to capitalize on the cultural storm, but Nixon's team gave the opposition an easy opening with their lethargic, slowly-evolving response. The differing day by day concessions looked like the administration wanted to do just enough to make the story go away, without ever addressing how or why the specific terms were included. Even Fired Up, which serves as the pulse and loyal booster of the left, issued a measured response, calling the language "broad, unfair and unhelpful." Rep. Bob Dixon, who is running for State Senate in 2010, told me he didn't believe Nixon was to blame for the report. We now know it was formulated under Blunt's watch. But the Governor didn't feel any need to mention that until it got too hot in the proverbial political kitchen. This was the first real week when a story seemed to get out in front of the Nixon folks, and the experience surely taught them some valuable lessons going forward.


The said...

I voted for Jay but he can't do anything right.

Clay Bowler said...

You are too generous with the stimulus bloated governor. I think Missouri's children and grandchildren will resent the taxes they will be forced to pay with all this stimulus, and Nixon's on tape smiling as says he will enjoy spending it and then pass it off.

To those who think Joe Biden is a gaffe machine, Jay Nixon may give him a run for his money.