Saturday, March 07, 2009

VIDEO: With Force, Nixon Pressures Senate on Jobs Bill


"Get to work this week on that bill"

Governor Jay Nixon strongly urges the State Senate to pass expansion of the Quality Jobs Act by spring break, which is next Friday.

"150 House members can't be wrong," Nixon said during his remarks Saturday morning.

The House easily passed his major economic initiative, but Republican Senators have held the legislation up because of questions about the tax credits included.


Afterword, in a media gaggle with reporters, I asked Nixon why it was so important to have that jobs bill on his desk by March 12th.

"They haven't shown any will . . ."

Governor Nixon said quicker action on Quality Jobs legislation that's currently languishing in the State Senate would put him in a stronger negotiating position to lure companies to the state sooner.

"If we do those in the deal we've got on the table right now, it'll give me a stronger negotiating position when I'm negotiating against Louisiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and other states," Nixon said in an interview after the Democrat Days brunch in Hannibal.

Nixon said over the past two and a half weeks, the Senate hasn't shown "any will." "They haven't put the bill on the floor at all," Nixon charged.

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