Friday, March 06, 2009

Steelman Blasts GOP Question For Carnahan

"The Missouri Republican Party should not proclaim earmark spending a virtue"

Likely U.S. Senate candidate Sarah Steelman is blasting a Republican Party press release that questions Robin Carnahan's support for the federal earmarking process.
In an open letter to all Missouri Republicans sent to reporters Friday evening, Steelman wrote that she was "bewildered" by one of the questions the State Republican Party wants Carnahan to answer at this weekend's Democrat Days in Hannibal, Mo.
Earlier Friday, former GOP executive director Jared Craighead sent out a release posing "10 Questions for Robin Carnahan." Number six reads: "Senator Bond supports worthwhile projects for Missouri in Congress. Senator McCaskill won't. Would you join with Senator McCaskill, so that Missouri unilaterally disarms itself, and gets nothing while other states get projects in Congress?"
Steelman said she didn't have any problem with most of the questions, except that one. "However, I am bewildered by question no. 6," Steelman wrote, "which not only asks Robin Carnahan's position on the improper, inefficient, and corrupt practice of earmarking, which is an entirely appropriate question, but actually defends pork barrel spending at a time when most Republicans, at least those who don’t live in Washington D.C., are trying to stop the mounting and dangerous deficits."
"I don't believe that a majority of the state committee supports inefficient and wasteful spending. I know that a majority of Missourians don't," Steelman wrote. "The Missouri Republican Party should not proclaim earmark spending a virtue. It is not. This does nothing but harm the efforts of principled politicians of both parties, who recognize that the old way of doing business; earmarks, pork, and a lack of accountability, has cost America jobs, security, and confidence. The old ways can no longer be tolerated."
Steelman will likely challenge Congressman Roy Blunt in the 2010 GOP primary for U.S. Senate. Carnahan is the likely Democratic nominee. It's unclear why the GOP press release was sent out by Craighead, and not Lloyd Smith, who was elected the new executive director of the party last month.
Steelman's letter closes, "I have been asked how the Republican Party lost its Congressional majority. One of the major reasons, in my opinion, is that our party no longer has credibility on fiscal issues. I want our party to flourish and expand and to help lead the country out of this economic disaster. But why would anyone believe in our principles when Republican elected officials don't? We can no longer be the party that says one thing and does another. We must restore fiscal restraint and discipline. We must be the party that supports ethical reform by holding our elected officials to a higher standard of public service than exists today. We must always remember that Congress is spending taxpayer’s money – it belongs to the people – and it should be spent prudently."


Paul Seale said...

So Sarah - which one of Roy's recent earmarks in Southwest Missouri is "corrupt?"

The White River basin project? Funding for Web City and Taney County first responders? Greene county emergency operations center funding?

Oh wait, I guess it must be the money which went to Crisis Nursery of the Ozarks (a battered women's shelter).

Roy isnt perfect and made bad choices five or six years ago. The process certainly isnt where it should be.

Enough of the self asorbed grand standing.

Joe said...

I think the sentiment Mrs. Steelman is expressing about the abuses of earmarks are very popular with the public.

The fact is when members of Congress can insert earmarks in the middle of the night worth billions of dollars without any oversight is egregious.

I find it interesting that Senator McCaskill abhors the earmarking process and is trying to revise it, while Senator Bond is unapologetic about the pork barrel process.

Who is the fiscal conservative in this case?

I think Mrs. Steelman is trying to take advantage of the fiscal environment and Mr. Blunt's connection to the wild spending of Republicans while he was in leadership.

Anyone remember Mr. Blunt inserting a earmark in a bill in the middle of the night worth hundreds of millions for his lobbyist wife's tobacco client?

director said...

The money that people call ear marks is for the most part your money that you sent the Federal Government.
Your State should ask for all of it back.
The problem is the way they ask for it back and the projects that are half baked ideas for their friends or family.
Steelman should ask for the money to be put into ONE project.
This will put a stop on any spending or ear marks for your State because the Politicians would never be able to agree on one project.
They would look like cock a roaches in a round bucket, No corner to run to.

Jim Palmisano said...

Just another distraction. Earmarks are the topic of discussion? How about the fact that our Federal Govt. is OUT OF CONTROL!

It is the time of the People to stand up and rout these thieves. This drivel being put out by most politicians is nothing short of Treason.

The Time is Now! I've had enough of this BS!

Please listen to the following from a former Kansas State Trooper and combat Veteran to understand where we're really situated.

Copy and paste the following into your url if the link doesn't work.

For those who can handle the Truth, I recommend you start listening to Republic Broadcasting Network at .

Another is to go to and listen to Alex Jones. Both stations rebroadcast their shows from their archives 24/7 so you can listen to them anytime.

This is a serious request from a friend, neighbor and fellow American!