Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Senate Moves to Add Cell Phones to No-Call List

The Missouri Senate gave initial approval of a bill that would allow residents to add their cell phone and fax numbers to the state's No-Call List.
Sen. Scott Rupp's legislation is also meant to protect No-Call members from automated phone calls during election cycles. Violators could face up to $5,000 fines if the bill becomes law.

"These annoying, unwanted calls and text messages are costing Missourians money because they are having to pay for these calls and text messages they don’t want on their cell phones, as well as having to pay for the paper, ink and other costs of receiving a fax," Sen. Rupp said. "Missourians should no longer have to foot the cost for these unsolicited ads."

Any political committee making calls must register with the Missouri Ethics Commission, while non-committees or businesses making calls on a candidate's behalf must register with both the commission and Secretary of State, according to the legislation.

The bill still needs a second vote before heading to the House.

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Matthew Block said...

The real story here is stopping the automated phone calls for political campaigns.
Cell phone numbers can already be added to the No-Call list. You just have to put the number in the Do Not Call registry just like you would a landline number.