Monday, March 23, 2009

MoGOP Hits Nixon On Appointing Donors


The Missouri Republican Party estimates that Governor Jay Nixon's appointees and their employers donated around $3.4 million dollars to his election campaign.

"It is stunning how quickly Jay Nixon disregarded his campaign promises, instead appointing his moneyed friends to the highest levels of state government," said David Cole, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party. "Despite his pledge to clean up Jefferson City, it seems that money is the most important factor in Governor Nixon’s staffing decisions."

The GOP said the most egregious example is the hiring of Jeff Mazur, a former staffer for AFSCME Council 72, who is now serving in the Office of Administration. The union contributed $2.8 million to Nixon and Democrats during the 2008 cycle, according to Cole.

Republicans also note Lloyd "Joe" Carmichael of Springfield, who has been appointed to the Highway Transportation Commission. Carmichael's family and his employer donated more than $41,000 to Nixon, according to GOP calculations.



"Gov. Nixon has assembled an experienced and professional team to turn around this state’s economy. The Republican-led Missouri Senate voted to confirm each and every member of Gov. Nixon’s cabinet, all of whom have been hailed for their proven backgrounds of leadership, both inside and outside state government," said Cardetti. "The Governor also appreciates the professional manner in which Republican Senators have personally sponsored his appointments to important boards and commissions, including the Highway Commission and the University of Missouri Board of Curators."

Cardetti also notes that Springfield Republican Sen. Norma Champion is personally sponsoring Carmichael's appointment.

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boyd said...

It seems like they all claim to bring a new kind of politics until they get elected, then it just the same old politics with different colored curtains.