Monday, March 30, 2009

Dixon With Nixon on Quality Jobs, Not Healthcare

"I would echo the Governor's call that the Senate get that bill on his desk."
Springfield Rep. Bob Dixon agrees with Governor Jay Nixon that the Senate should move quicker to pass the Quality Jobs Act. Some members of the Senate want to reign in the amount of tax credits doled out to developers each year. But Dixon said this legislation "is the wrong thing to be holding up."
BUT: In this interview, which occurred before final votes on the House budget, Dixon was reluctant to commit to Nixon's healthcare plan that would add thousands back to the rolls through higher hospital taxes.
"We've been very clear that we do not want to expand any kind of welfare program at this time," Dixon said, acknowledging he can see both sides of the issue.
The Missouri Hospital Association agreed to voluntarily raise its own taxes to provide the funding. But Dixon said he wanted assurances that the hospital money would not dry up down the road. "I'd have to know for sure it's going to be there," he said.
Ultimately, Democratic attempts to include Nixon's healthcare plan failed.
The Nixon administration is hoping that the Senate will include the plan in its version of the budget.

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