Monday, March 23, 2009

Conservatives Upset Over Security Report

Conservative citizens, bloggers and lawmakers are upset about a security report compiled by state and federal law enforcement officials that outlines potential signs someone might be a terrorist or member of a militia.
The 8-page Missouri Information Analysis Center's report lists extreme anti-tax, anti-abortion and anti-immigration citizens as potential groups to be aware of. Supporters of Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin are also listed.
"The law enforcement community needs to focus on the act itself," said Rep. Shane Schoeller in an interview Monday morning. "To me when you begin to put something in print like that, then quickly you being to become a society where people may be more reserved in expressing what they should be able to express anytime," Schoeller added.
Schoeller said he and other lawmakers have been bombarded with letters and phone calls from constituents angry about the MIAC report. Schoeller said he fears the report fosters "a culture of distrust."
"When you begin to have this many people with this much concern . . . they really need to take a second look and say this wasn't the wisest idea," Schoeller said.

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Matthew Block said...

My question would be how did those things even get in that report in the first place. Is the state really that careless in building its training and briefing reports, or was the intention all along to try to profile people based on religious and political views?

Is there any data that might support the claims that "home grown threats" really are more likely to come from these groups?