Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week 6: Nixon's Grade


The last week was all about the federal economic stimulus package for the Governor. Jay Nixon's first public appearance on the topic at the bridge in Tuscumbia, Mo. was more powerful than the second. The first showed Missouri is ready to competently spend that federal cash quickly. The second outlined broad priorities, but fell short on specifics. Some in Jefferson City believe that no one has truly figured out all the rules, strings and specifics tied to the estimated $4.4 billion dollars. That makes it pretty tough to explain. Nixon laid out general priorities like infrastructure, education and technology -- but the break down of the price tag didn't trickle out until late in the week, and the data was trumped in the media by the U.S. Senate announcement of Roy Blunt. Still, Nixon made the right p.r. moves going on FOX and CSPAN to sell it. The more clearly the Governor conveys the specifics of this plan, the better the public will feel about how the money's being spent.

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