Friday, February 13, 2009

WaPost: Mo. Now 2nd Most Likely to Flip

Due to the loss of Jim Talent as a potential candidate, The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza has moved Missouri up to the second most likely state to switch parties in 2010.
His ranking:
2. Missouri (R): Secretary of State Robin Carnahan (D) officially entered the open seat race to replace retiring Sen. Kit Bond (R) last week -- a major recruiting coup for national Democrats. Meanwhile, Republicans lost arguably their strongest general election candidate in former senator Jim Talent and seem headed toward a contentious primary fight between Rep. Roy Blunt and state Treasurer Sarah Steelman. (Previous ranking:3)


maximus bevo said...

The republicans will very likely lose this seat and primarily due to the division in the party.

Roy Blunt made a huge error by breaking his own golden rule, NEVER get involved in primaries. He jumped in with both feet by supporting Hulshoff over Steelman for Governor in the primary.

That very poor decision will now come back to haunt Blunt...because even if he can edge out a win over Steelman in the primary for the Senate seat,it will be costly in many ways, leaving him broke and vulnerable in the general election.

I for one think Roy loses outright to Steelman anyway, but if he stays out of that primary and acted like the conservative he used to be, he could of wrapped up the nomination and the general with very little issues.....but those days are long gone and ain't coming back.

boyd said...

I don't think Talent has shown himself to be a good state wide candidate. If the dem's simulus plan isn't working in two years the party in power will take a beating.