Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Vague . . . Spotty . . . Caroline?

Missouri's Republican Executive Director compares Robin Carnahan's U.S. Senate bid to the failed effort of Caroline Kennedy in New York.
"Robin Carnahan's long free ride has come to an end. Her bid, like Caroline Kennedy’s is based purely on family legacy and not personal accomplishment. Missourians will not allow her to use her family’s legacy to become Missouri's second robot vote in the U.S. Senate for Barack Obama. Her futile attempts will bring attention to the shallowness of her record and raise important questions about her values and experiences in life," said Jared Craighead in a statement. "To our knowledge, she has never held a stable job in the private sector. In an attempt to place her own hereditary claim on a major office, at least Caroline Kennedy could point to co-authorship of a book.”
1) Export/Import Bank: Craighead said her work there gave "sweetheart deals to big corporations."
2) Guns: Craighead said President Clinton "strongly endorsed and praised her radical anti-Second Amendment views."
3) SOS: "As Secretary of State, she has unobtrusively punched the time clock and accomplished nothing legislatively. She is best-known for earning judicial rebukes for trying to rig the language of ballot titles."

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