Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Senate Cmt. Rejects Red Light Camera Ban

The Senate Transportation Committee rejected a ban on red light cameras Wednesday morning by a vote of 8-2.
Sen. Jim Lembke's Senate Bill 211 would prohibit the cameras. Sen. Lembke is questioning their constitutionality and says they lead to rear-end accidents as cars stop suddenly.
The statewide coalition Missourians For Safer Roads issued this statement:
"Red light cameras are proven tools for enforcing traffic safety laws. Missouri Families for Safer Roads is grateful that the Senate Transportation Committee recognized that red light cameras are working – in raising driver awareness, reducing crashes and saving countless lives. We commend the committee for its responsible action," said spokesperson Scott Charton.
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RicoBallBoy said...

There has been a 30% increase in rear end accidents at intersections where these cameras have been installed. Nationally, the statistic is closer to 40%! This causes more injuries. In addition to this, the $ goes to private companies and their representatives are the ones pushing for more cameras, hence more $ for them. Get a clue ... they don't work properly except to fill the private firm's pockets!