Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Schoeller: "Too Many Questions" About Stimulus

Willard Rep. Shane Schoeller tells The Notebook there's too many unanswered questions on the economic stimulus package to completely commit to tapping Missouri's share of the pot.

When asked whether Republicans would seriously consider rejecting Missouri's stimulus money, Schoeller replied: "I'm not going to comment at this point. There are too many questions."
Says he wants to look at every item to see "what red tape is there." "I think for Republicans in the House, we'd like to use it for one-time projects, like construction, to build roads. Not ongoing expenditures. That's where the discussions will get really intense."

ON A LIGHTER NOTE, speaking about Rep. Maynard Wallace's "spanking bill" that passed a first round House vote Monday night, Schoeller acknowledged being spanked in junior high.

Wallace's bill would give more protection to teachers and administrators when they discipline their students. Some districts use spanking as a form of punishment.

"I got my fair share of spanking when I was in school," Schoeller joked. He explained that while in junior high in Branson, he was sent to the principal's office for smacking a fellow student's hand because that student was trying to cheat off of him during a test in math class.

"I still didn't think it was fair, but I got it, and it hurt," Schoeller recalled of the spanking.

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