Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nixon Welcomes Senate Debate on Tax Credits

After a full-fledged floor debate in the Senate on the value of using tax credits to create jobs, Governor Jay Nixon says he welcomes the discussion over a key aspect of his Quality Jobs Act.

"The Senate taking some time to discuss those matters is important," Nixon said at a transportation event in Tuscumbia Tuesday.

"I welcome the Senate and the legislature's involvement in making sure that our job production tools are sharpened and are used to create jobs," he added.


Springfield Democratic Rep. Sara Lampe tells The Notebook, she sees "building momentum" to review and possibly adjust the tax credit program. Citing statements by Sen. Chuck Purgason and Sen. Jason Crowell, Lampe said she sees "possible coalitions that can be formed with people across the aisle about this common concern."

Lampe has previously been critical of some of the state tax credits and questioned whether they really create jobs.
Republican Rep. Shane Schoeller, who helped pass the economic package out of the House, said he's open to changes as well. "It's no so much issues with tax credits, but what is working and what is not. The system has some imbalance, so it's a good discussion to have," Schoeller said in an interview Wednesday. "Let's get a better tax credit process."

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