Friday, February 27, 2009

GOP Jumps on Nixon's CSPAN Quote

"If there's debt, Missouri kids and grandkids will pay that debt off"
That's what Gov. Jay Nixon said last Sunday during a CSPAN appearance. It took a whole week, but the Missouri Republican Party finally leaped on the line in a Friday release:
"Jay Nixon's plan to leave Missouri's kids and grandkids with a mountain of debt is completely irresponsible," said David Cole, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party. "On Tuesday, President Obama said his budget will look ahead ten years. Gov. Nixon’s budget only covers one year and he has admitted he is not thinking about the future except to state his confidence that Missouri children and grandchildren can pay off the debt they inherit. Placing billions of dollars of debt at the feet of our children and grandchildren while not planning for the future is negligent management of Missouri’s budget."
"For someone who has put forward no substantial legislative agenda and whose only plan involves waiting for a bailout check from Washington, D.C., Jay Nixon doesn't appear to know much about it. One thing is certain. While the Governor seems content to leave piles of debt with our children, Missourians can rest assured that our Republican leaders are not," Cole said.
A special GOP web video targeting Nixon is HERE.

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