Monday, February 23, 2009

Friends Suggesting Donaldson Run For The 7th

A spokesperson for Convoy of Hope says President Hal Donaldson has been approached by a few friends to consider a run for U.S. Congress -- but has not seriously thought about it yet.
"He's had a couple of friends mention it's something he should do. When one says it, you shrug it off. When it's two or three, you start to think about it," said Convoy of Hope spokesperson Jeff Nene, when asked by The Notebook about a Donaldson candidacy for the 7th Congressional District.

"Anytime an opportunity comes along, Hal's a never say never kind of guy," said Nene. "He's focused on his work at Convoy for now. If he considers it seriously, it will be down the road a bit."

Aside from being the founder of Convoy of Hope, Donaldson has his degree in journalism and has written more than 30 books. Last year, he joined the Board of Trustees at Oral Roberts University.

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