Thursday, February 12, 2009

Emerson to Brussels, The Alps . . . and Beyond

Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson is part of a U.S. House delegation traveling to NATO headquarters in Brussels this week.
The Washington Post reports that Emerson and a delegation of a dozen other lawmakers will country-hop in a nine-day overseas trip beginning Saturday.
The NATO-driven trip begins in Brussels, but then moves to other beautiful hotspots.
Al Kamen pens it best:
"We would point out that the next stop is, yes, the City of Lights, Paris, where one could have a nice late Valentine's Day moment. From there we move on to Vienna for a little Sacher torte and then to review NATO's strategy to defend the Bavarian Alps, stopping in the lovely ski center of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, with its breathtaking views. The huge number of members, spouses and staffers, plus military escorts, will require taking one of the bigger military jets, but we're told these trips are an important use of taxpayer money.

Just another reason for the House to pass that stimulus Friday.

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