Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Donnelly Goes To Committee Wednesday

Governor Jay Nixon's appointment to head the Department of Health and Senior Services will sit before the Gubernatorial Appointments Committee Wednesday morning.
Some anti-abortion activists have voiced concern about Margaret Donnelly's abortion views, though she is expected to be confirmed.

The Governor's office is also brushing off criticisms from the right about Economic Development designee Linda Martinez.

Asked by The Notebook whether Governor Nixon is concerned about Martinez's past statements on illegal immigration, press secretary Scott Holste responded:

"The Governor believes Linda Martinez is the perfect person to help turn Missouri's economy around at a time when 219,000 Missourians are out of work. Ms. Martinez has answered questions from a number of senators, and the Senate Gubernatorial Appointments Committee could take up her nomination as early as Wednesday morning."

CORRECTION: Martinez nomination could be taken up by full Senate today

Greene County Sens. Dan Clemens and Norma Champion sit on the Appointments Cmt.

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