Monday, February 02, 2009

Dems Want To Fill In Military Pay Gap

A Columbia House Democrat has filed legislation that would pay state employees the difference between their state and military pay when they are called up for prolonged duty.
Rep. Stephen Webber is a Marine who has served two tours in Iraq. "Missouri currently has an unfair system under which some state workers get paid while on active duty but most don’t. We must make the system more equitable so that we don’t discourage state employees from military service," Webber said.
House Minority Leader Paul LeVota has filed a bill that would provide private businesses with a tax credit for continuing to pay full salary and benefits to employees called to active duty.
Last year, a similar measure made it out of committee, but was not debated on the House floor.

Another House Democrat filed a couple of bills dealing with court rights of military personnel and restricting payday lending businesses.

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