Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blunt: Carnahan Should Talk About Her Views

"Missouri Doesn't Need A 20-Month Campaign"

Congressman Roy Blunt is challenging the likely Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in 2010 to talk about her positions on many of the issues now facing Congress.

On Tuesday, Blunt's spokesperson Rich Chrismer accused Robin Carnahan of "blocking public knowledge of the candidates." The Blunt campaign also said the reason Carnahan wasn't speaking in public is because her views "are far too liberal for Missouri."

"For example, many public officials and Missouri families are talking about the impact of the so-called stimulus. Robin Carnahan is refusing to state her position on this bill and the spending projects in it like Harry’s Reid’s high speed train from Disneyland to Las Vegas," said Chrismer in a statement.

Chrismer also said "if other candidates announce, they are welcome to join Roy and Robin Carnahan at the forums," proposed by the Blunt campaign.

With Sarah Steelman signaling a likely primary challenge to Blunt, on Monday, Carnahan's spokesperson suggested that Blunt should first debate Steelman.

When asked by The Notebook why Carnahan rolled out her campaign online and didn't answer questions from reporters like Blunt did, spokesperson Tony Wyche said that on the day she announced as a candidate, Carnahan was available for all press inquiries.

"On the day the she announced that she was a candidate, Robin was available and answered questions from the reporters that called," Wyche told me. "Shortly thereafter, she stood in front of reporters and editors from across the state at AP day at the Capitol and answered all their questions as well. So the Blunt campaign is just wrong on that point."

On why Carnahan didn't launch a statewide tour similar to Blunt:

"Robin's video message was a way to use 21st Century communications to tell Missourians that she is a candidate for Senate. She will kick off her campaign at the appropriate time, but Missouri doesn't want or need a 20-month political campaign," Wyche added.

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