Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shields Names Senate Chairs


State Senate Leader Charlie Shields appointed chairs to 18 Senate committees Wednesday, including Democratic Minority Leader Victor Callahan. Sen. Callahan of Independence will chair the Progress & Development Committee.

"I believe we – Republicans and Democrats – must work together to address the emerging issues that affect our everyday lives," Shields said. "That is why I named a committee to be chaired by the Democrat leader. By working across party lines, the committees and, more importantly, the chairmen and chairwomen I have named, will be able to successfully advance quality legislation that will benefit the people of Missouri," he added.


Sen. Dan Clemens: Agriculture, Food Production, Outdoor Resources Cmt.

Sen. Gary Nodler: Appropriations Cmt.

Sen. Delbert Scott: Financial & Governmental Organizations and Elections Cmt.

Sen. Jack Goodman: General Laws Cmt.

Sen. Chuck Purgason: Governmental Accountability & Fiscal Oversight Cmt.

Sen. Norma Champion: Health, Mental Health, Seniors & Families Cmt.

Clemens also announced he was broadening the name of the Agriculture Committee to "better emphasize what agriculture means to the state." "By emphasizing what this industry means to Missouri—even through something as simple as a committee name change—we can clarify our vision for agriculture’s place in Missouri’s future," said Clemens in a statement.

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