Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Devil's In The Details"

House Budget Chair Rep. Allen Icet says Governor Jay Nixon's higher education deal for no 2010 cuts in exchange for no tuition hikes came as "a bit of a surprise."
Says he heard about it through a call while the Governor was making the announcement
Rep. Icet tells The Notebook he likes the part about "not passing a bill on to parents," but wonders, "Is this truly feasible for 2010?"
Adds he still isn't sure if this is part of a higher ed withholding for FY2009.
"The Devil's in the details," says Icet.
In a separate interview, Ozarks Technical Community College President Hal Higdon thanks Nixon for his efforts, but uses the exact same language to describe the budget picture: "The devil's in the details."
ALSO: House Higher Education Chair Gayle Kingery seems bullish on the plan.

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