Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday's Political Points

Random, yet pertinent flashes of information & contemplation
  • For the second week in a row, Zogby has a new poll showing that Sarah Palin tops the list of Republican choices to challenge Barack Obama in 2012. Among Republicans, Palin topped second-place Mitt Romney 24% to 18%. Two theories here: This is probably more of a reason why she won't be the nominee because these early surveys are very rarely correct. Or . . . The G.O.P. is known for nominating the next in line, (or the loser from last time.) So, this means her odds are good. Reagan in '80, Bush in '88, Dole in '96, McCain in '08. Palin in '12?
  • Speaking of those potential challengers, Mike Memoli over at The Atlantic notes that both Gov. Bobby Jindal and Gov. Tim Pawlenty will face tough re-election choices in their own states before they have to make a decision about the Big Kahuna in '12. "In the end, it's where Obama's presidency stands after two and a half years that will have the greatest impact on the Republican field," writes Memoli.
  • It's apparent that Hardball's Chris Matthews is at least toying with the idea of a Pennsylvania U.S. Senate run in 2010 against Arlen Specter. The Los Angeles Times reports that Matthews met with Pennsylvania Democratic leaders on Monday. Matthews' contract with MSNBC expires in June. But a spokesperson tells Politico, a report at 538 that Matthews is already staffing up is, "untrue."

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