Friday, October 10, 2008

His Turn

Guess who's about to take his message to Springfield next?
Due to a request by the Missouri Republican Party to end the frenzied speculation The Notebook set off with this post, we have decided to explain:
KY3 News has secured an exclusive television interview with John McCain this weekend via satellite.
Satellite interviews are always risky because of weather, and last-minute changes in a presidential candidate's ever-evolving schedule. So, there's a chance that it could be canceled at the last minute. (Hence our decision to not be specific.) That's part of the reason we were being vague. We were also using what's referred to in the business as "a tease." It was supposed to be clever.
Either way, if you read my tease carefully it never mentions a visit.
And after all these calls, e-mails and questions our satellite time may be jinxed.
But we're glad so many of you are tuned in;)

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