Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ad Blitz


In Mike Gibbons' first television ad, the Republican candidate for Attorney General focuses on his tough-on-cyber crime plan, then closes with this: "That doesn't have anything to do with party affiliation. You do the right thing, for the right reasons." No mention of party in the language or the logo. In fact, the message: Party doesn't matter.

8th District Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson stands before the camera for her entire ad. Again -- no mention of Republican credentials or accomplishments. To be fair, Emerson does have some real bipartisan credentials to tout. And she's sure to highlight them this year: "We have to find a way to work together. In Congress, I bring members of both parties to the table," she says, in her first ad of the campaign.

Rep. Roy Blunt certainly isn't worrying about a backlash against the conservative-brand in the 7th District. Look at the contrast between Emerson's approach and Blunt's. While Emerson wants to hold hands with the liberals across the table, Blunt is signaling he wants to smack 'em. The Congressman is targeting "liberal extremists" on energy policy. "We put way too much per gallon, thanks to the liberal extremists in Congress," Blunt says. Still, he never mentions "Republican," in his third ad of the campaign.

Barack Obama's ad is notable -- simply because this is a 2-minute spot that has run on KY3 repeatedly over the past two days since the debate. Meanwhile, John McCain's ads on our station have been nonexistent. Obama is talking directly to the camera in a room that could look like the White House and it's all about taxes. And in local TV time, 2-minutes is a huge buy. But probably not THAT huge for the cash-flush Obama campaign.

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CharityAngel said...

With Blunt and Emerson's vote, they are wasting their time and money, which translates into their donors money. After the bailout blunder, there are far too many angry voters for there not to be an issue. And they are right, it is not about party anymore, it is about their own character and if they represent the people, which clearly they do not. As a Republican, I am ashamed. THEY are NOT Republicans. And those that support them are not either.