Saturday, October 04, 2008

"21 More To Catch Up With Obama"

Want a glimpse at the organizational disadvantage John McCain faces in Missouri?

Just listen to Mo. G.O.P. executive director Jared Craighead when he was told by the McCain campaign he could hire four more people. "That is spectacular, outstanding," Mr. Craighead replied -- then quickly added: "You only have 21 more to hire to catch up with Obama."

That exchange is included in a Wall Street Journal profile of McCain's Missouri campaign manager, Gentry Collins. The piece notes that in the Show-Me State "Collins is outgunned by a better-funded Obama campaign that has been on the ground longer."

It also notes that McCain hasn't always made nice with the locals:

"Mr. Collins has a candidate who prides himself on straight talk, sometimes to the point of offending the locals. In May, Sen. McCain ignored Mr. Collins's advice and volunteered that he opposed the hugely popular farm bill, saying it was filled with unneeded subsidies. In July, he insulted the Missouri Republican senator, Kit Bond, by telling the Kansas City Star: "Sen. Bond and I have a strong disagreement -- a strong disagreement on pork-barrel spending."

It was left to Mr. Collins to apologize later to Sen. Bond's top aides and thank them for their boss's gracious reply."

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