Sunday, September 28, 2008

United For Life Targets Nixon With Radio Ad

The state's newest anti-abortion group, Missourians United for Life, is launching a radio ad against Democratic candidate for Governor Jay Nixon, who the group labels "the most anti-life statewide candidate to ever run for office."

"Electing (Nixon) would mean that lives would be ended as he and his allies would seek abortion-on-demand paid for by tax dollars and would likely support euthanasia of our seniors," said Ed Martin, Gov. Matt Blunt's former Chief of Staff and current spokesperson for Missourians United for Life. The radio ad is expected to run statewide.

Ironically, when Nixon ran for the Missouri Senate in 1986 and for the U.S. Senate in 1988, he ran as a pro-life candidate. He has since switched his position. In an article published Sunday, Nixon told the Southeast Missourian he supports Missouri law as it currently exists. "I don't support the zeroing out of family planning money," he said.

United for Life was established to counter Missouri Right to Life, which angered some Republicans because it would not endorse some of their candidates due to certain votes taken during the legislative session.

United for Life also released 50 endorsements of candidates for federal, statewide and local office. All of Springfield's local Republican candidates and/or incumbents for State House received endorsements. The group also announced it has sent over 40 contributions to their endorsed candidates. State House candidates received $119.73 and State Senate candidates received $219.73.

"As MUL receives more financial support from supporters, candidates can expect more contributions," said Martin. "MUL puts its money where our mouth is – because candidates who support life deserve our support," he added.

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Tony said...

This is totally a political orgnization to cover Stve Tilley's ***. Two democrats endorsed. The rest all republicans. Why don't you ask them about their endorsement process. MRL has a real process unlike these jokers.