Tuesday, September 02, 2008

RNC '08: Protests & Palin

ST. PAUL -- Police from as far away as Arlington, Texas are combing the streets of downtown St. Paul to keep an eye out for protesters who have already turned violent outside the Republican National Convention. Meanwhile, among the delegates, all the buzz is about vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who is on tap to speak Wednesday night.

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NK said...

i find it interesting that the media and certain political party are so quick to jump on the teenage pregnancy of Sara Palins daughter-- have they so quickly forgotten that they (the democrats) themselves have a mess on their hands with Sen. Edwards and his "scandal" and so-called "illegitimate child" and "mistress" all while he was married AND running for office? but yet, we go after a teenager for her mistake and try and make her the center of the republican party topic?! I am a person of certain morals and while i dont agree with premarital sex, i know that i fail my morals everyday. who are we to judge her for her mistakes-politicians especially should hold their tounges. What i DO care about in this event is what they plan to do in response, and what they have done, i am pleased with. After hearing on the news that she is planning to keep the baby and marry the father i am satisfied that even in this situation, they are trying to do what is best and right. i admire their courage to be upfront about it and their decision to keep family first- which is more than i can say for another similar scandal at this time. No one is perfect, but it is what you do in the times when you make a mistake that says who you are and show your true character. i like the Palin character. It has proven to be consistant.

Tim McMurtry said...

Hi David,
I really think you should read how people are responding to your blog!
It is fair to say Sara Palin's children should be off limits to the media. It is appaling to me that Ted Kennedy let a woman drown at Chapaquetic, yet the media glorify him now! Bill Clinton had sex in the Oval office and the media portray him as the best thing since paper knapkins! Leave Sra's pregnant daughter out of this campain!!!! I agree with one of your bloggers,if it was Obama's child would it get the same attention? Obama's wife use the term whitey on the view and nothing was made out of that!!! Report the news with no bius. Leave candidates children out of it! He who has no sin cast the first stone. I for one will no longer be a viewer if the media continues with this idotcy!