Thursday, September 18, 2008

Page Accuses Kinder of "Double-Talk" on Stem Cells

The Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor is accusing Peter Kinder of "double-talk" when it comes to conservative issues.

"Former presidential candidate Fred Thompson in Joplin yesterday praised Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder's conservatism. However, Lt. Gov. Kinder has not received the endorsement of Missouri Right to Life because of his intermittent support for stem cell research certain parts of the state," reads the release from the Page campaign.

"Lt. Gov. Kinder hasn't a conservative ideology, but he has a conservative geography," Page said. "He is a conservative in Joplin and then pops up a liberal in St. Louis. It is time he let Missourians in every county know his position on the important issue of stem cell research," he added.

Page supports embryonic stem cell research and said he "looks forward to advances that make umbilical cord blood easier to collect and use for experimentation to avoid the controversy surrounding stem cell research.

"My stand is a principled one," Page said. "I can't oppose research that gives hope to children with diabetes, young people who injure their spines, nor the families with parents and grandparents suffering from Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease. I am not taking that hope away from them.

"And that's my position, wherever I am," he added.

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