Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gone, But Not Forgotten

The Cliffs Notes Version of What We Missed While We Were Gone This Week
  • The group opposed to the Greene County Non-Partisan Court Plan began airing radio ads, targeting "liberal trial lawyers," aiming to "take away" your right to vote for judges. Listen to Better Courts For Missouri's ad HERE.
  • That "other" anti-abortion group that's miffed at Missouri Right to Life, released its endorsement list. Missourians United For Life is backing most of the local Republican state representatives, as well as #136th candidate Eric Burlison. We didn't see #138th candidate Michael Goodart or #134 Rep. Jim Viebrock or #139 Rep. Shane Schoeller on their list. Ed Martin tells the KY3 Political Notebook that the group is still reviewing their surveys. He expects another round of endorsements to come out tomorrow or Monday.
  • Kenny Hulshof announced his modifications to the Missouri Plan. In order to decrease the influence of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, Hulshof wants to remove "special interests" from the Appellate System, replace the Chief Justice of the commission with a retired Supreme Court judge, and allow the Governor to veto more nominees. Democrats accused him of flip-flopping on the issue, after he supposedly endorsed Greene County's Non-Partisan Court Plan. Maybe it's like a Sarah Steelman endorsement. Lukewarm with caveats?
  • Jay Nixon's campaign put up new TV, hitting Hulshof on his vote for trade with China and again for his statements on the economy. A clear attempt to further define Hulshof and drive up his negatives. 22 seconds of the 30-second spot focus on Hulshof --- (is this in response to the closing poll numbers?)
  • Nixon supporter David Getty is circulating a petition, to urge Hulshof to debate him about why the Congressman thinks the economy "is in a good place." Getty's job at the Chrysler plant in Fenton leaves on Oct. 31st.
  • The Hulshof campaign said Nixon has debate-o-phobia and is lying about an agreement on debates. "Kenny believes Missourians should have every opportunity to see and hear the candidates side by side," read a Hulshof e-mail to supporters. "In fact, he's accepted several additional debate proposals. Nixon has declined. To no one's surprise, Nixon and his campaign have taken liberty with the truth and told the media there was an agreement to have only four debates. That is not true!"
  • The Missouri Democratic Party certainly didn't like the Post-Dispatch's poll showing Republican Brad Lager with a lead over Rep. Clint Zweifel in the Treasurer's race. On Wednesday, the party filed an ethics complaint against Lager for failing to properly report campaign expenditures. We're not saying they're related . . . we're just sayin'. . . (Republicans call the complaint ludicrous and desperate.)

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