Thursday, September 04, 2008

Brownback: Race Has Fundamentally Changed


ST. PAUL --- Kansas Senator and former candidate for president Sam Brownback said John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential has fundamentally altered the 2008 contest, refocusing it substance over style.

"I think you're going from a much more celebrity race on Obama, to much more of an issue-centered race with Palin," said Sen. Brownback in an interview at the Xcel Center at the Republican National Convention Thursday. "It's a highlight of the differences on taxes, highlight of the differences on social issues, whether it's life or marriage, highlighting of a difference on what we would do on energy, which is the biggest driving issue of our day."

Barack Obama's campaign is disputing the assertion that Palin focused on issues in her speech. Obama campaign manager David Plouffe called Wednesday night's round of speeches, an attack squad by "negative, cynical politicians."

Several political analysts have noted that the Palin pick is more about highlighting an exciting , fresh "outsider, maverick" narrative than specific issues. But Brownback asserted that while Americans are disenchanted with the status quo, the country still tilts to the right politically.

"That is the policy atmosphere we're going to be going into and I really think that favors the Republicans because the answers that we're putting forward are the ones much more consistent with a center-right country, which is really where America mostly is," Brownback said.

You can see a different portion of my interview with Sen. Brownback, Thursday on KY3 News @ 5.

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