Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sore Supporters & Rolla Rednecks

DENVER -- The Democratic National Convention officially nominated Barack Obama as its candidate for president of the United States Wednesday. He's the first black to ever lead a major party in a presidential election.

On Wednesday night, former President Bill Clinton and vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden both headlined the ticked. But in many ways, what was going outside the convention hall was just as exciting and even more intriguing than what was going on inside the Pepsi Center. Outside the convention hall we met one Hillary Clinton supporter from St. Louis who is still upset about the process, accuses the media of sexism and says she could not have. We also met a duo who traveled from Rolla, Mo. who reminded us to keep close the minds and methods of our small-town roots.

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acline said...

TV "journalism" just won't let go of the disunity master narrative. I wonder what narrative they will create to victimize the RNC. Not that print is doing much better. This is what happens when journalists try to cover scripted events in which very little news actually happens. You'd all be better off covering the content of the public addresses. But what do I know?

Sandy said...

Geez Louise! They need to get over it already!
I voted for Hillary and am sad to see her not make it but I am not still sitting around whining about it. We've got a good candidate in Obama. It's time to rally behind him and get on with it. Voting for Hillary at election time would be like wasting a vote for Nader.
No way! No how! No McCain!