Friday, August 01, 2008

MoGOP Hearts Dem Mike Carter for "Courage"

Democratic candidate for Governor Mike Carter has answered the call.

To the Republican Party, that is.

The Missouri G.O.P. recently called on Democratic candidates to announce whether they support a recent Supreme Court ruling affirming the right to bear arms.

It's not like either side takes these calls seriously. It's not like Jay Nixon is going to call Tina Hervey and say, "Yeah, mark me down for supporting the 2nd Amendment."

Yet, Missouri G.O.P. spokesperson Hervey reports that Carter did actually respond.

Yesterday, at 2:41 p.m.

"On behalf of the people of Missouri, I want to applaud Mr. Carter for displaying political courage, something that’s not been seen lately by many of his Democrat colleagues. He was the first to clarify his position on Missourians’ right to bear arms and his action should be commended,” said Hervey in a release. "In an email yesterday, Mr. Carter stated that he has been a proponent of Missourians’ right to carry concealed weapons since the mid-1990s and ‘was happy when Missouri's legislature gave Missourians conceal and carry rights.’"
"Although Mr. Carter’s were not made publicly prior to the Supreme Court ruling, we will give him the benefit of the doubt that his beliefs on this important issue are heartfelt. We also have not been able to find any public statements that would contradict what Mr. Carter stated privately to us," Hervey added.

"For many Democrat politicians it is easy to remain silent and mislead voters but showing political courage is sometimes costly and Mike Carter has chosen to take the path less travelled – we commend him and hope that other Missouri Democrats will have the courage to respond to our challenge. Unfortunately, we suspect most Democrats; particularly those like Sam Page will lie and mislead voters," Hervey said.

"A lot of politicians are trying to change their stripes on this issue and we are outraged by Sam Page’s statements because we have always found him to be staunchly anti-Second Amendment while Lt. Governor Kinder has always been a vocal supporter of our right to bear arms under the Constitution," she added.

See there, and we thought everybody was close to getting along for a second? (Sigh).

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