Thursday, August 28, 2008

DNC '08: At Invesco


Holding the final night at a football field (INVESCO) instead of a basketball court (PEPSI CENTER) makes it easier to move around on the floor. But it's still chaotic and floor passes are at a minimum. We spent some time with the Missouri delegation. You can watch our report on KY3 News @ 10. Also, you can follow my up to the minute updates, via TWITTER.

Yes, it really is meant to look like a Roman temple/coliseum. Is this too over the top? Does this play right into the hands of Republicans claims that Obama's just a celebrity? Will these shots appear in a future John McCain ad?

WATCH the Ozarks Today & KY3 News @ Noon piece on the homepage.

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racing59 said...

I believe that Obama is shooting himself in the foot with all the liberal celeberty attention and having that back ground.It proves McCain aids correct that Obama is more a celebrety, than a Presidential hopefull.