Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Koster Camp: $329 K in Quarter 2

DEM A.G. Race Upside Down

Democratic candidate for Attorney General Chris Koster announced raising more than $300,000 over the last three months. His exact number raised is $329,919.

The Koster campaign announced it has $853,926 on hand to spend, in addition to more than $300,000 of television advertising time already purchased for the closing days of the campaign.

Koster's $853,926 on hand is $319,380 more than rival Margaret Donnelly has to spend.

Poll-leader Rep. Jeff Harris reported raising $117,726 from April 1 through June 30, leaving him with $372,491 in cash on hand. Harris emphasized that his campaign is on target with its fundraising goals. But he fell to 3rd place in quarter fundraising and 3rd place in cash on hand.

"We remain precisely on target with where we expected to be as we head into the final weeks of this campaign," Harris said. "Throughout this race we have been outspent and underestimated, but we have responded with innovative ideas and creative strategies. The latest poll numbers clearly show that our message is resonating and that our belief in the power of everyday Missourians over wealthy special interests is proving successful."

Harris said while his opponents have both made significant loans to their campaigns and Senator Chris Koster "has skirted the campaign finance laws to pad his coffers," he has relied on more than 2,600 individual contributions, including 520 through his website.

Harris has raised more than $75,000 online, "a remarkably impressive figure for a down-ballot statewide campaign," according to the campaign.

Here's the summary

Chris Koster $329,919 in 2nd quarter, $863,927 to spend
Margaret Donnelly $216,118 in 2nd quarter, $534,546 to spend
Jeff Harris $119,762 in 2nd quarter, $372,492 to spend

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