Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Gracious To Hillary, Obama Claims Victory



Attorney General Jay Nixon, candidate for Governor:

"Sen. Clinton ran a strong campaign and she empowered millions of Americans to reach for their dreams. But after eight years of George W. Bush, Sen. Obama is the right candidate to bring about the change our country so badly needs.
“Missourians are ready for a new direction, both for our state and the nation at large. Families are struggling to make ends meet, and they’re looking for new leaders, with new priorities, to move us forward. Just like Missourians don’t want four more years of Matt Blunt’s policies at the state level, they don’t want four more years of George W. Bush’s policies at the national level.
“Democrats are already uniting behind Sen. Obama, and over the coming weeks, I expect to see many Independents and Republicans unite behind him as well. I look forward to joining Sen. Obama on the campaign trail this fall as we fight to change the direction Missouri and the nation.”

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan:

“Barack Obama has secured the requisite number of delegates to become the nominee of the Democratic Party. He has my complete support and will receive my vote at the Convention.
“With the many challenges facing our country – from the high cost of health care and the fragile state of our economy to the war in Iraq and global warming – it is clear that we need a dramatic change in leadership. Both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama are extraordinary leaders with a passion for change and clarity of purpose that will serve our country well. It is my hope that in the days ahead both the Senators and their supporters can join together in achieving that common purpose.”

Missouri Democratic Party Chair John Temporiti:

“I want to commend both he and Senator Clinton for running an issue based primary that has energized Democrats, Independents and Republicans alike. As Missouri Democratic Party Chairman, I now urge all Americans to unite behind Senator Obama’s campaign and the ideals he has promulgated these past months. Not since John F. Kennedy have I witnessed a candidate that has energized and captivated the American people, especially our young voters, like Barack Obama has.
“The election this November will quite simply come down to whether the American people deserve change or more of the same. It will be a privilege for me to cast a vote at the Democratic National Convention for Barack Obama as our next President of the United States.”

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