Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blunt Pushes ANWR Drilling


Blunt Puts Blame on Dems for Opposing Drilling

Could Drilling in ANWR Really Save .70 to $1.60 a gallon?

"No other country see their natural resources as an environmental hazard"

Also: Questioning Blunt, I Asked Why Gas Prices Have Doubled Under the Bush Administration and why some pledged the War in Iraq would help bring cheaper oil. ***WATCH ABOVE FOR HIS ANSWER***

Congressman Roy Blunt blamed Congressional Democrats for high gas prices Wednesday, saying in a satellite interview that their opposition to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other pristine areas hurts American exploration and energy independence.

Blunt also said that if Congress allowed drilling in ANWR, people would see an impact at the pump almost instantly. "It would take maybe 10 years to see oil from ANWR get from the pump, but it would immediately impact price," Blunt told KY3 News. A spokesperson for Blunt later added in an e-mail, "Dems said that ANWR production would take 10 years to get to the pump . . . 10 years ago."

It was just Tuesday that big oil companies dodged a bullet when Senate Republicans blocked an attempt to slap the businesses with a windfall profit tax. "What nerve does it take for us to give oil companies 17-billion dollars in taxpayer money? With those kinds of profits? This is like the twilight zone. This can't be real. We can't honestly be standing here and saying to the American people it's a great idea for us to keep giving them your money when they are making 83-grand a minute," Senator Claire McCaskill said in support of the bill on the floor.

On Wednesday, Blunt stayed on the gas attack offensive, lambasting a Democratic subcommittee for voting for a policy "that has kept billions of barrels of American oil . . . off-limits to American consumers for nearly 30 years."

"What these politicians fail to understand is that these abundant deep-sea energy resources don’t belong to Congress – they belong to the American people. Unfortunately, for the last 27 years, Congress has prevented the American public from accessing them – and today’s outrageous energy prices are in part the result of it," Blunt said.

"Finally those politics of less supply has caught up to us," Blunt added in our interview Wednesday.

Blunt's office sent the KY3 Political Notebook a chart estimating that bringing onshore sources of oil online (like ANWR) could save drivers .70 cents to $1.60 at the pump. Read more on that chart HERE.

McCaskill said drilling in Alaska is no silver bullet to our problems. McCaskill says it would be years before American consumers would get any benefit from ANWR oil.


RudyT said...

That's what Bill Clinton said too when he vetoed the ANWR bill. He said it would be 10 years before we would see any oil (probably would have been less time) and he said it 10 years ago. Clare has her head in the tar sands.

Paul Seale said...

What Rudyt said.

The problem we are seeing with a lack of energy indepedence is a direct result of Democrats in congress blocking domestic production.