Thursday, May 08, 2008

Under Blunt Pressure

Pennsylvania's Times Leader is reporting on Rep. Roy Blunt's efforts to try to get U.S. Rep. Chris Carney to become the first Democrat to sign a discharge petition that would force the Foreign Intelligence Security Act to the House floor.

Carney, D-Dimock Township, is on record supporting the Senate bill. He joined a Democratic letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi outlining his support for it.

“If Mr. Carney is sincere in his view that fixing the terrorist loophole in our intelligence laws is of vital importance – and that failing to do so will ‘place our national security at undue risk’ – he’s in a unique position to fix it,” said Chris Tucker, communications adviser in Blunt’s office. “All we’ve asked him to do is remain consistent with his previous pronouncements … .”

Carney's press office seems perturbed that Blunt has made "personal" correspondence public.

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