Monday, May 12, 2008

"That's A Good Thing"

On CNN's Late Edition Sunday, Rep. Roy Blunt acknowledged that John McCain would be like a third term of George W. Bush on the economy --- and "that's a good thing."

The left-leaning Think Progress group has hopped all over it, and offers VIDEO of the exchange with Wolf Blitzer.

Blunt spokesperson Nick Simpson responded with this:

"Last time I checked Republican pro-growth tax policies have given us 6 years of economic growth and prevented a recession after 9/11. More importantly, the economy didn’t stall out until Democrats took control of Congress and began raising taxes. I guess that’s the positive economic policy this new majority wants."

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Paul Seale said...

Im chuckling all the way on this one because you know what, its true.

The economic down turn happened after Democrats took Congress in 2006 and perhaps more importantly, refused to make tax cuts permanent and have been stagnant on any real progrowth policy.

Well, that is unless you call trying to pass a fifty cent a gallon tax increase among a larger 700 billion tax hike progrowth.