Friday, May 09, 2008

Obama's SUPER Friday


Barack Obama has picked up 7 . . . that's right, SEVEN superdelegates today.

ABC News reports he now has taken the Superdelegate lead over Hillary Clinton for the first time.

Meanwhile, The Page's Mark Halperin reports that Missouri Rep. Ike Skelton has signed a letter to Democrats boosting Clinton's swing state appeal.

"Pennsylvania was not just a victory for Hillary Clinton. It was also a wake- up call for superdelegates, forcing us to ask ourselves two essential questions: 1) Which candidate can carry the magic 270 electoral votes to win in the fall? 2) Which candidate is most likely to help our fellow Democrats in down-ballot races? We believe the answer to both of these questions is Hillary Clinton," wrote Skelton in a letter signed by a group of Congressional Clinton supporters.

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