Friday, May 09, 2008

Nixon Opposes Voter I.D. Bill

Here's his statement:

“The right to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy. Over the years, millions of Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice to earn and defend voting rights. As elected leaders, we should work to increase voting and participation in the democratic process, not create new unnecessary roadblocks. With just five days left in the legislative session, it’s unfortunate that Republican leaders are focused on making it harder for Missourians to vote instead of making it easier for middle-class families to afford health care or higher education. Then again, after four years of moving our state backwards, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by our opponents’ misplaced priorities.”

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tom said...

Mr Nixon you really need to read and understand the Constitution especially with this statement that I'm referring to. We don't have the RIGHT to vote and we sure as heck don't live in a democracy.
We have a representative republic this is how the country was founded and how it remains.
There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with requiring one to be a citizen to vote or to possess documentation to show they are who they say they are. This type of legislation doesn't prevent anyone from voting.