Monday, May 05, 2008

Kinder Calls on Lawmakers To Restore Senior Funding

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder today called on state lawmakers to restore $1 million in funding for t senior services programs. The funds were stripped from the 2009 state budget by the House and Senate budget committees.

“As the state’s official Senior Advocate, and on behalf of Missouri’s senior citizens, I am calling for this cut to be rescinded and the $1 million funding increase to be restored immediately,” Lt. Governor Kinder said. “These services save the state millions in Medicaid dollars as they help seniors remain independent rather than being forced to live prematurely in a long-term care facility," Kinder said in a statement.

Last week, a proposed $1 million dollar funding increase was reduced to $500,000. Kinder said the cut will have a serious impact on nutrition programs and in-home services.

Lawmakers must complete the 2009 budget by this Friday at 6 p.m.

“The clock is ticking on Missouri’s seniors yet I am confident that lawmakers will do the right thing and restore this critical funding before it is too late,” Kinder said.

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