Thursday, May 01, 2008

Blunt Cool On Gas Tax Repeal


(Dr. Ridder . . . nodding in the background, seems to agree)

A bill proposed by a Missouri lawmaker would lift the state’s gasoline tax for the summer – in a way. The state’s gas tax is 17 cents on every gallon. If the bill becomes law, however, it wouldn’t mean 17 cents would drop off the prices at the pumps. You can watch the KY3 News @5 report HERE. Gov. Matt Blunt seemed to be reluctant to sign on to such a measure, citing the need for those dollars to go towards Missouri's roads and bridges. (WATCH ABOVE, and check out Springfield Public School Superintendent Norm Ridder's facial cues)

At the federal level, Sen. John McCain has called for a repeal of the gas tax during this summer driving season. Sen. Hillary Clinton has signed on, but Sen. Barack Obama has not, saying it's a short term political gimmick --- and not the right long-term solution.

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