Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beating Up On Obama

ALSO: Kinder, G.O.P. Chair Doug Russell Question Obama's Competitiveness in Missouri
Kinder Focused on Taxes, Then Culture: "He is the hardest left candidate ever nominated for President of the United States by one of our two major parties . . . He wants to take up the payroll tax on Social Security by raising the cap . . . He favors a tax on coal, from which most Missouri energy for residents and businesses is generated . . . As he said, we cling to our guns and we cling to our faith, but not out of bitterness as he suggested . . . but because those are bedrock values we cherish."
Emerson Cites "The Vision Thing," as well as Judges: "I am very concerned about energy, particularly the lack of a vision on the part of Senator Obama for a national energy policy. Senator Obama has offered nothing, no vision for the future, with the exception of higher taxes . . . Senator Obama did not believe Justice Roberts or Justice Alito were right for the job. Well, I can assure you that even conservative Democrats in Southeast Missouri believe very strongly that both Alito and Roberts share our values."
Asked About McCain's Cap & Trade Proposal, Kinder Reserves Comment: "I'm sorry, I'm not up to speed on it, I'm wary of it. We don't agree with any person all the time. I'm reserving judgement while I learn more about that"
On whether Missouri remains as "a great bellwether": Kinder replied, "I think we are and remain a bellwether. If the New York Times and their analysts had it that way that we are not, my suspicion would be that they've concluded that Obama will not be competitive in Missouri." Also, Kinder notes that Obama lost the majority of Missouri counties in the Feb. 5th primary to Clinton. "I do not think that numbers like that bode well for him being competitive in Missouri this fall," Kinder added.

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