Monday, March 24, 2008

Springfield Woman Files For Governor

Who is Christina Anderson?

She's a Springfield resident who filed as a Democratic candidate for Governor on Friday.

Anderson's blogspot page is HERE. She also has a Myspace account and a Facebook page.
A resident of Springfield since age 10, her slogan is "a real person, for real change."
In 2006, for every dollar she spent to support her family, Anderson claims her family donated 10 minutes to community organizations, and recycled or reused $2 worth of materials and goods that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill.
On her site, the 31-year-old calls The Real ID Act a database "that endangers the rights and safety of all Missourians." She calls for "access to equal health care" and opposes any law or state constitutional amendment that restricts the rights of Missourians.
Jay Nixon is the only other Democrat who has filed for Governor. A total of five Republicans have filed for Governor. One of them hails from the Ozarks. Scott Long is from Mountain View. Chief Wana Dubie from Salem brings some color to the Libertarian ticket.
Down ballot, Springfield resident Arthur Hodge Sr. has filed for the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor. Hodge Sr. apparently ran unsuccessfully as a candidate for Greene County Sheriff back in 2004. In that race, he was a declared Democrat.
The deadline for candidate filing for the August 5th primary is Tuesday at 5 p.m.


Midge for Congress said...


It is time for carreer politicians to be sent a stong message: We have a government "of the People."

~ Midge

Midge for Congress said...

Now that there is actually a candidate running against Jay Nixon for the Democratic nomination for Missouri Governor, will KY3 sponsor a debate with Nixon and Anderson, as they hace said they will do with Steeleman and Hulsof in the Republican race?